Weekend at the Shore

How have I already been back in Florida for two weeks? It feels like I was still packing my apartment yesterday. But here I am, back in my parents’ house, trying to get all my to do lists finished up before school starts at the end of July. Truly has me missing my last weekend in Indiana.

Lake Michigan-strawberry

The people I met in Indiana all said Lake Michigan had great beaches and was just like the ocean. As an east coast native I laughed them off. If it’s freshwater it is NOT a beach. But my weekend at the Indiana Dunes changed my mind just the tiniest bit.

Swimsuit Shorts  |  Hat  |  Watch Band (similar)Sunglasses (similar)

We started our day bright and early (around 6am I believe) and made our way to Michigan City, Indiana. It’s a quick 3 hour drive up from Indianapolis and put us there before most of the restaurants were open. But we needed breakfast, so we found an open diner and were pleasantly surprised. Once again a restaurant with little flash was full of substance.

Sweet Potatoes

My stomach wasn’t feeling too hot so I ordered this omelet without any cheese (yes, I am a crazy person). Somehow, it didn’t disappoint. Fluffiest eggs I have EVER eaten. And then there were these sweet potato cubes…y’all I couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth. I must learn how to make these crunchy little bites of heaven.

Strawberries at the shore

Next we headed to the small “downtown” area of Michigan City and found their weekend farmers market. I am a sucker for a good farmers market and these strawberries were calling my name. Most strawberries found in grocery stores come from California or Florida so I love getting a fresh batch from a local farm. These were at peak ripeness, bright red, and tasted like candy. My teeth and lips turned red…no regrets.

Lake Michigan swim

As you can see the Indiana winter did not prepare me for a summer in Florida. This hat was my saving grace for the day. I went home with quite the sunburn on the rest of me, but my face remained untouched.

Target Style

Swimsuit Coverup Hat Sunglasses (similar)  |  Earrings (similar)

Because of my pale skin I opted for my one-piece for the day. And I am so glad I did. When we arrived at the Dunes, the sky was overcast and gray. I was beginning to regret waiting until our last weekend to drive up, but somewhere around 11am the clouds burned off. The sun came out and KB and I soon felt like we were at the beach in Florida.

Lake Michigan Face Protection

Once again, we were so happy to have our floppy beach hats.

Lake Michigan Hat

The sand was surprisingly soft and water clear and freaking freezing. As the day went on I had a hard time remembering why I dissed the shore for so long. Maybe because I’d only seen Lake Michigan from Chicago. I’d see it there many times and never came close to stepping into the water. Here in the Dunes the waves were as big as in Santa Rosa Beach on the Gulf and I was covered in sand in seconds. Felt like any day I’d had at St. Augustine Beach.

It was my last weekend with my best friend/roommate before moving far away from one another. My last weekend in Indiana. Maybe my last time to ever see Lake Michigan. I didn’t really feel any of that until I laid in the sand, sun beating down, eating strawberries with La Croix, and watching kids run in and out of the cold waves. It’s weird what hits us right in the feels.

Maybe this isn’t just a post about my day trip to Lake Michigan. Although I do suggest it to anyone and you MUST go to the Indiana Dunes – better sand and worth the $6. But it’s also my goodbye to Indiana. I wasn’t always happy there. I didn’t always appreciate it. But I wouldn’t be going anywhere else if I hadn’t spent the year there.

I’ll miss the dunes, the pork tenderloin, driving by Lucas Oil on the way to work, working with the nicest/funniest people I’ve ever met, and living with my best friend. I’ll miss the corn fields, the kindness of strangers at the Indy 500, and picking apples in the fall. I’ve lived near Boston and Jacksonville, in an Alabama college town, and our nation’s capital, and the “Crossroads of America”. I take a piece of all these places with me and Indiana will be no exception.

Goodbye for Now.

Thanks for the photos KB


  1. Minnie troje says

    Loved this post. Pictures are beautiful
    You made me cry as you said your goodbyes. On to your new adventure. So proud of you. All my love Minnie

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