101 in 1001: 6 Month Update

flowersI am still having such a hard time believing that six months has gone by since I wrote my 101 in 1001 and started Well Mannered Frivolity. Winter felt like it dragged on forever and then suddenly it’s the last week of June. Seriously, someone needs to explain time to me.

If you haven’t seen me mention it before, my 101 in 1001 is 101 goals in 1001 days; running from January 3rd, 2018 through September 17th 2020. I first saw this type of list on Mackenzie Horan’s blog Design Darling and I immediately loved it. A long list meant I could dream big and also small. Having 2.75 years to complete things was an added bonus.

As you can see from my dates, I set to work making the list right around new year’s resolution time. People were posting their fitness goals, organization hopes, and career dreams and I was just like ugh…we’re still doing this? I have as much hope for each new year as the next person, but I have been consistently disappointed both by fate and myself.

My life doesn’t restart on January 1st. People who continue to attend school even after they’re required will understand this. My life restarts in August and I have yet to break that habit even during this year of not attending school. January means very little to me, even less when you consider how freakin cold it is. Anyway, I was feeling frustrated by this whole January thing so instead of resolutions for the year I made these goals for the next nearly three years.

What goals have I accomplished?

Well when the clock started to run down on the time I’d be in Indiana I got to work. I tried new restaurants, went hiking, and drove up to Lake Michigan. All well worth my time. The food and drink scene in Indy is actually amazing and I’m going to miss my favorite places. And I was surprisingly impressed by the Lake Michigan shore. It really felt like a real beach! And the sunburn is just as real as one obtained in Florida.

I started the blog! This was my first cross off as the list was sort of the reason to start the blog in the first place. It still counts.

I worked through the first two months of BBG…and then fell off the wagon. Training for the Chicago Marathon is throwing me off a bit so I may go back after the race. I do really like the workouts and they consistently kick my butt. Plus, during medical school I don’t think I’ll have time for more than a 28 minute workout anyway.

So the big one…I got into medical school. That’s been on every goal list since I was about 8 years old. I can be lazy, but unnecessarily determined.

What goals am I working towards?

My best friends from college live all over the country, which is difficult, but also a great excuse to travel. I was able to visit a few this spring and I’m hoping for a couple more by the end of the year.

Cooking twenty new dishes seemed a little crazy at first, but I’ve already made 8 in 6 months! I have some staple recipes (like this great meal prep and this cozy classic) but I’m always looking for something new and different. These spaghetti squash taco boats are absolutely delicious and whole 30 approved!

Falling short…

My health and fitness goals are a bit of a failure as usual. As a self diagnosed stress-eater I know these will always be the hardest. I need to do more to map out these goals a little bit at a time so I can celebrate the milestones. Also I have to run this marathon in 100 days which probably requires some preparation.

I haven’t reached a single one of my financial goals which isn’t incredibly unexpected. They were all reaches and with going back to school I don’t imagine they’ll be met within my deadline. I am putting together a budget for while I am in school and this will hopefully lead to a savings boost.

Changes Made

I’m not sure if this is allowed, but I made changes to my list a few months in. Suddenly I was moving to Florida and a lot of my goals were focused on things I was doing in Indy and my current job. Leaving goals on the list that were going to fall by the wayside seemed lazy to me so I made some edits. Fitness goals moved away from my current gym to things I could do on my own. Career goals switched to medical school goals. I know resolutions and goals are meant to be solidified until completion or failure, but I’m bad at following nonsense rules.

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