Garbanzo Bean Soup

The weather in Indiana has been just the worst tease. Most mornings I’m wrapped in my puffy coat on the way to my car and then some afternoons I’m running in my shorts. It’s cruel. But mostly, it’s still cold and so I have one more soup recipe for you before Spring arrives. This garbanzo bean soup is another hearty recipe that feels almost fall-ish but the tomatoes brighten it up and make it perfect for a late winter warm meal.

garbanzo bean soup

I actually decided to cook this up because of my Easter meal. After roasting my ham and sharing it with all of my friends I saved the ham bone by wrapping it up tight in plastic wrap and freezing it. I like to think of a ham bone as magic. Yes, magic. A ham bone has the magic to make collared greens taste like meat and I managed to use this spell on my soup too.

ham bone broth

sweet onion

The original recipe for this meal does not call for kale. If you’ve noticed my family recipes aren’t too heavy on the ruffage. Pretty sure my grandpa thought a green pepper was all the green anyone needed. I am however determined to add fiber and protein to my diet so bring on the kale (ugh). HAM BONE TO THE RESCUE!

You will see below that the recipe card calls for chicken stock which is perfectly acceptable, but I made myself some ham stock which is better because pork is the best-objective opinion, do not question me. Making stock is super simple: In a pot I added the ham bone and enough water to cover it + onion slices, crushed garlic cloves, a few sliced celery stalks, bay leaf, and black pepper. You don’t need salt because the ham bone has you covered. I let this simmer, covered on the stove for a couple hours and then used it when I needed it.

kielbasa, potatoes, and green peppers

Green peppers with onion and garlic

The soup itself is pretty basic. Saute up your pepper, onion, and garlic (if you’ve been here before, you know how I start my cooking), add kielbasa (yum!), ham, and all the other stuff. It’s flexible as well. I’ve given y’all the official recipe + kale, but when I was cooking it I didn’t have squash so I used two cans of garbanzo beans and more kale. You could use turkey kielbasa and another meat if you don’t eat pork (I am aware of cultural differences, don’t worry). One of my aunts uses pumpkin instead of butternut squash while I’ve used sweet potatoes. If the soup is cooked long enough any of these will end up tasting like kielbasa and the spice packet which is all anyone should want.

Like all my soups, you’ll be able to eat for weeks on these measurements. Honestly this could be a week’s meal prep for a couple. I ate it in a week, but you know, whatever. If you’re looking for even more green you can add some fresh kale each time you warm it up which also adds to the freshness of leftovers. Some parsley would also be a lovely way to finish it off.

Recipe Card

Garbanzo Bean Soup Recipe Card

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