Medical Student Gift Guide

I wanted to write this medical student gift guide last year, but I had only been in school for a few months and hadn’t gotten my bearings yet. I still don’t really have them, to be honest. But I do think I have some great ideas on what to buy your medical student for Christmas.

This was way too much fun to put together. And no, it’s not quite my own Christmas list. I have plenty of these things already, so I feel confident recommending them for your medical student. If I don’t have them they were recommended by other medical school friends so they’re a pretty safe bet!

I hope you enjoy this gift guide for medical students. If you think anything should be added, let me know in the comments below! I will likely add to this as I think of things during exam week.

Instant Pot – 6QT – $79 on Amazon

I was initially very anti-Instant Pot. I love cooking and it seemed to take all the fun out of it. But now I cook rice in 5 minutes and my life has been changed forever. Anything that saves time if a great medical student gift. We never have enough time.

CozyChic Socks – $16 at Nordstrom

Cozy socks - budget friendly gift for your medical student

Socks have gotten a bad reputation as a Christmas gift, but I’m here to change that. Every medical student (or student in general) needs a few pairs of these cozy socks. Yes, even if they live in Florida and don’t plan on wearing boots any time soon. The library is always freezing and I hate wearing my shoes for 8 hours while sitting. It’s restricting and I shouldn’t have to do it. There I said it! Cozy socks are a must have when I’m planning a marathon study session and they’re a great budget gift option!

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens 0.38mm – $30 on Amazon

My friends absolutely swear by these pens. They’re high quality and don’t bleed through our board review books and notebooks. I’m actually surprised how much office supplies I have gone through in the past year and I’m constantly in need of good pens. I may even treat myself to these this year.

Herblay Executive Office Chair – ON SALE $108.99 on Wayfair

Ebern Designs Executive Office Chair High Back Pu Leather Desk Task Chair Adjustable Swivel Chair Ebern Designs

Now this gift totally depends on the medical student’s study situation. Are they in the library 24/7? Then they probably do not need a comfy office chair. But, if they enjoy being at home with candles lit and a constant stream of coffee/tea then this could be a great addition to their office. We all think we can sit for hours on a cheap chair until we’ve watched 10 hours of lecture and can no longer feel our behind

Electric Water Kettle – $20.99 on Amazon

This is another appliance I never thought I needed. Then I bought a french press and realized I actually had to have it. It’s the easiest thing to use and I can easily make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on demand. Once again, a HUGE time saver.

FIGS Scrubs – Price Varies

FIGS jogger scrub pants - high end gift for your your medical student

Say so long to boring old scrubs. FIGS is making scrubs cool again. Well maybe not again, but seriously these scrubs have changed the game. FIGS are actually shaped for a human body, aka there is room for anyone with a booty. And the fabrics are like any athletic wear you’re used to. Basically every student looking to work in healthcare is drooling over these and will likely tackle you on Christmas morning if they’re under the tree. Also, FIGS was founded and is run by two amazing women!

Autoseal, Insulated Coffee Mugs – $31.99 on Amazon

Nothing worse than spilling that perfectly brewed coffee all over your lap, or your laptop, or you white coat…These coffee mugs that seal will save your life many many times.

homesick City Soy Wax Candle – $29.95 at Nordstrom

homesick candles from Nordstrom

The perfect gift for your medical student who is far from home. These long lasting candles manage to fill study spaces with that warm cozy feeling of being in your favorite place. Your city not included in their line? Try the state version or the Memory line! Or you can ditch these and upgrade to this crowd pleasing scent from Voluspa or the always popular diptyque.

Unruled Notebooks (3-pack) – $24 on Amazon

My roommate is loving her new notebooks. I know we’re supposed to be the all tech generation, but sometimes it’s nice to draw out all the pathways on paper. Especially if you’re like me and lacking an iPad. So if you’re not willing to buy your MD to be an iPad…this might be the next best option.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – from $99 on Amazon

Wireless noise cancelling headphones Amazon - the ultimate medical student gift

This isn’t the cheapest gift option, but no medical student would be disappointed! Being able to study in any location is a key medical school skill and this tech makes it so much easier. Getting you oil changed? Drown out the dealership with some white noise. Out of town and studying in a coffee shop? The crowd fades with the magic of these Bluetooth headphones (seriously, the noise cancelling thing is a sorcery I do not understand). There are plenty of options, but some of the highest rated are from Sony and Plantronics. I would wait until Cyber Monday to see if you can get a good deal!

One more thing before you go…

Medical school is tough in more ways than most people can imagine. Some of these products can help, but another option is just to call your medical student and make sure they’re doing ok. Don’t ask how school is going. Don’t ask about their grades. Ask them if they’ve had any good experiences recently. Ask them about something fun they’ve done recently. Make sure they ate lunch and slept the night before. Things are nice, but having a solid support system is the best gift you can give any medical student.

Happy Holidays!

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