Trying to Cook Like Other People

Part of my 101 in 1001 is trying new recipes and I’ve gotten through a few that were great and worth sharing with all of you. I meal prepped these all on Sundays and ate them throughout the week. I use a meal replacement for breakfast and dinner so this is my ONE real meal during the day.  It has got to be good AND flavorful AND filling.  All of these fit the bill. As usual, I wasn’t very good at following recipes exactly so I’ll fill you in on what I added or subtracted and whether you may want to follow my changes too!

I will recommend this recipe over and over and over again.  It was so easy and so delicious.  Her blog is gluten free and this recipe can also be Whole30 or Paleo approved depending on a couple of ingredients.  Great for anyone who has stuck to those.  You are stronger than I.
Some changes that I made: I added peas because I wanted there to be more veggies in the recipe.  It would be great to have on the side as well, but I tend to eat all my food together.  Peas were ok for this, but they weren’t awesome.  I think asparagus would have been better.  Some steamed broccoli on the side would have also been lovely.  Another change I made was that I didn’t use the chili she calls for and that’s only because I’m afraid of spicy food.  I use chicken thighs instead of breasts and that’s just because I already had the thighs in the freezer.
A bigger change was using lite coconut milk instead of full fat.  Once again, I already had the can of lite so to make sure my sauce got thick enough I opened the can and poured the liquid off the top leaving the coconut fat at the bottom for me to use.  There was definitely less sauce than she shows in her recipe, but I like to use what I’ve got in the pantry when I can!
Just a gentle reminder for all of you cooking out there, be careful with your corn starch.  I clearly could not contain mine.  And you can also see that I went a little heavy with the cilantro.  No regrets.  I love cilantro and I refused to let any in my bunch go to waste.  That being said, the chicken and sauce are delicious without it if cilantro is not your thing.  I’m not saying I understand your life, but you can still enjoy this food!

I’ve seen this recipe all over pinterest with different tag lines of whole 30, paleo, weight watchers friendly, what have you. Basically it’s a deliciously healthy recipe. I would encourage you to follow Cheryl’s instructions if you want it to turn out pretty like hers. You can see mine did not appear nearly as appetizing likely because I mixed the sauce into the whole thing to save time.  I was also out of sesame seeds. This was delicious, but I will remind you of something my roommate mentioned to me: “Isn’t the best part of an egg roll the crunchy outside?”  Yes, yes it is.  This will not curb any egg roll or carb cravings. It will, however, improve your dull day at the office better than a lame turkey sandwich!

Some changes I made: I added zoodles to once again add more vegetables of substance to the meal.  I worried that with just cabbage I wouldn’t be as full.  I tried to get some of the liquid out of the zucchini, but they still made the dish a little soggier than it was mean to be.  Another change was using shredded chicken instead of ground pork. I had leftover chicken from my crockpot chicken so I decided to use it instead of buying ground pork (which has less nutritional value anyway). I would imagine this tasting even better with pork so please go right on ahead and enjoy yourself! Like I said earlier, I added all the sauce into the dish at once because I was meal prepping and didn’t want to take the sauce with me in a separate container. The dish was definitely soggier than necessary and was almost too soggy by the end of the week so I would recommend following Cheryl’s instructions. She is definitely the expert.

Have you tried any new recipes from pinterest that turned out great?  Let me know!

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