Small Towns

Thanks to some recent necessary travel I’ve had the chance to drive through parts of the country I never thought I’d get around to seeing, let alone enjoy.  Parts of the country many (including myself) would refer to as flyover states.  But during this travel I’m found this newfound appreciation for the old, small towns that pepper America’s countryside.

I grew up in complete and total suburbia. It was not a town.  In fact we didn’t have our own city name to put on envelopes until I was in high school.  No, I lived in a large community filled with smaller neighborhoods, pools, tennis courts, and minivans. As a teenager I hated it and dreamed of the big cities where you could walk everywhere and everything didn’t look the same as the building next to it. Eventually I got there.  I lived in DC and had the city life.  I walked to the grocery and drug store-not so glamorous in the rain.  All the houses and buildings were different from one another-mine being crooked and falling over and the others not.  The romanticism of the big city wore off about two days into living there when it was hot and garbage day and I could tell with a quick inhale.  But even with all of that, my worst day in DC was still a great day.  It was those smaller, every day things that made me smile. I didn’t see the monuments every day or go to a museum or witness history.  I walked to work and enjoyed my time connecting with the city.

Now that I’m back living in the suburbs I miss those little things the most.  Sure, I miss the National Gallery of Art, but even more I miss my little Italian market around the block.  I miss my favorite take out place on the way home from work.  So with all of that I decided to take advantage of some travel these past few months and get my “main street” fix.

I stopped in a few small towns and wandered around their main streets no matter how small.  I visited shops and grabbed some amazing southern pecan coffee.  I had really good pizza and people-watched from the sidewalk tables and chairs.  I even stopped at a local brew pub for a lager and vegetable sandwich (best healthy Lenten meal I’ve ever had). I got my “people” fix and it was refreshing.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas Tri-State Marker – 3 states I’d never been to until last weekend


I don’t need to live in DC or Boston or New York.  All I want is a house off of main street with a grocery and cafe within walking distance.  My future cats and I will be very happy there.

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