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This past week was filled with a number of unexpected challenges.  It got to a point where I just wanted to leave work at 10:30am on Friday whatever the consequences may have been.  I had more than one unplanned expense along with less sleep and a lack of time to clean up after myself.  I came home on Friday to a messy apartment and little to no patience left.  But my roommate, KB, came to my rescue.
We stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked up the best pick me up foods: cheese, meet, bread, and wine (there was also cake, but that was just for fun).  We even decided to drink out of these gorgeous coupe glasses from Anthropologie.  Yes, they’re technically for Champagne or prohibition style cocktails but we break the rules in our apartment.  And I will drink wine from just about any glass. Unfortunately, these particular ones are sold out, but I may like these even more!
Our casual, makeshift charcuterie plate included some creamy brie, Mediterranean spiced Gouda, Havarti, and beef summer sausage.  We topped it off with raisins and a Tuscan loaf.  My last minute addition was pulling out a spice mixture I received as a Christmas present this year from my parents.  This amazing restaurant in Jacksonville serves bread with olive oil and spices while you’re waiting for your food, as any good restaurant should, and they’ve begun selling the mixture!  Last night was my first try and I’m honestly going to have a hard time not eating an entire loaf of bread every night until its gone.  Sooooooo good.
We lit candles and had a full blown ladies night complete with Outlander and giggling at its plethora of nudity.  Just the pick me up I needed.
I fully believe in these restart nights.  I had plenty to do this weekend and some would argue that I should have started all of it that night.  But I know myself and I would have ended up in bed watching Parks & Rec and worrying about all the things I wasn’t doing.  Instead, I woke up the next day a little groggy (1/2 a bottle of wine will do that), but ready to have a productive day.  Two loads of laundry got done.  TWO WHOLE LOADS YOU GUYS!  Sorry, but household chores are the bane of my existence so that was a big win for me.
My point is that it’s okay to slow down and have a little fun when your to do list is beginning to look like a small book.  Ultimately you will be better off.  And you’ll have more clean clothes.

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