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I’m really not sure when my obsession with snail mail began.  Somehow in the past few years its just something I’ve made a priority and now I’m known among my friends as the one person that sends thank you notes for EVERYTHING and random mail for no reason at all.  I tend to enjoy things that even my parents think are old school; Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable movies, and Baroque art to name a few.  I’ve been called an old soul by nearly everyone who’s gotten to know me, so I guess writing letters go right along with my general theme.

I definitely got really into writing to my friends after college when we all moved so far away from each other.  Currently, my closest best friend/pledge sister from school lives 4 hours away (ignoring the fact that I live with another BFF from UA).  All the others are at least one plane ride away if not more.  And my family is even farther than most of them.  I text most of them on a regular basis, but sometimes there’s just more to say.  When I’m feeling this way, I grab my stationary box (yes there’s a whole box), light a good candle, and write it all out.  This Peppered Suede has been my favorite all winter long, even more so than my evergreen which is appalling.  They’re currently out of stock, but my next favorite, Mahogany Teakwood, is a perfectly good replacement for a calming afternoon.

Like most people, my mother forced me to write thank you cards after every birthday and every Christmas and it was such a hated chore.  It seemed pointless.  I assumed nobody read the cards and that nobody really cared.  But I was oh so wrong.  Sometime during college I started to see the reward in writing to family and friends.  It made me stand out.  A bit selfish, yes, but it’s true.  Mail is becoming less and less used and when you get a letter from someone it is such a treat!  My family felt the same way.  My aunts and uncles and grandparents all tell me how much they love receiving letters in the mail especially when they’re to thank them.  Parents I suppose aren’t forcing their children into this practice anymore so I’m the last grandchild sending mail…#favorite.  But seriously, it’s the easiest thing I can do to make someone’s day a little brighter and who doesn’t love making others feel loved?

So while living in DC I discovered the glorious holy land of stationary…Paper Source.  I spent many a paycheck wandering through their huge location on M Street buying everything from thank you cards to stickers and tiny gifts.  They have everything you could possibly need for much more money than I actually had at the time.  When I was having this realizations, I made an even more important discovery…TJ Maxx.  No, I’m not an idiot.  I’ve shopped at TJ Maxx for most of my life, but I found their stationary section.  Quality cards for 1/4 of the price.  These are so cute and foiled for under $10.  I can usually find gorgeous 3D birthday cards for my nieces and nephews as well.  The ones I used this time around for my Christmas gifts I found for $3 per set at my Christmas Tree Shop.  Unfortunately, I’ve never found their stationary online but who was ever harmed by a quick trip inside to buy stationary, Kcups, lawn furniture, international food…the store is perplexing to be sure.

I add this sea shell stamp in Ocean as my personal touch to all the cards that I send.  It’s just one more thing that says I spent time an effort on this thing and I hope you appreciate it.  I encourage everyone to write thank you notes, not just because I want to receive them, but because it really is an expression of love and kindness.  I don’t think the world is ever in too high supply of these things so why not spread a little more.  I’ve never had someone complain, although my friends do say they have to read them with some tissues nearby.  I get sappy in my correspondence, but really nowhere else in life.  Just one more good reason for them, no one wants to hear you get sappy out loud.

Happy Writing

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