New Year, New Me?

It is currently 56 degrees in Indy…Last week I really thought my nose was going to freeze off when I went to work in -4 degrees.  According to my coworkers this is a classic Indiana conundrum.  30 degree differences in the same day are all too common.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about it.  Although my skin is LOVING the extra moisture it’s received in the past few days.  I may love winter and snow, but my skin was raised in 100% humidity and refuses to adapt.  This flipping and flopping weather makes me very much miss DC’s snowstorm 2 years ago: over 2 feet of snow in one weekend and we were all stuck at home for a few days enjoying the lovely post-storm weather.  Honestly, that winter sold me on the city.  
Anyway, it may be warm today but we’re expecting an ice storm in the morning so I’ll be back to triple moisturizing in no time.
This week, I’ve been wondering about the world’s obsession with New Years.  When did we get it in our heads that we could all start over on this one day in the middle of winter?  And why do we all feel like we need this restart?  Since the advent of google, I haven’t been one to sit around wondering things so I went searching for answers to what I tend to believe is a nonsensical holiday

According to Wikipedia, which I’m usually okay with believing, people have been making some sort of resolution or promise since Biblical times.  Babylonians made promises to their gods and Romans made promises to the god Janus (aka January’s god), both at the time of their New Year.  So apparently, as humans, we need a day, a goal, a reason to reflect and make changes for the better in our lives.  We can’t just wake up on a random Thursday in April and decide that’s the day to start being more assertive.  Well we could, but according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology people were more likely to succeed in keeping New Years resolutions than goals set at other times during the year.  Call it the magic of January.  Or the magic of Janus maybe.
I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not so great with goal setting or keeping, no matter what time of year I do it.  I lose focus easily and I can’t even begin to describe the laziness I exhibit at the worst moments in life.  But I made this incredibly long list of goals because that’s what we do.  We keep trying even when we’ve fallen every single time.  And I’ve already been able to cross one off the list!  The blog has been started and posts are going.  I’ve scheduled time during the week to brainstorm and write.  I’m already enjoying myself.  It’s time I’m able to spend with myself.  Not just watching tv or reading, but really spending time in my own head.  As an introvert who spends most days on the phone with people, it is time well spent. 
The momentum I feel after finishing a goal already is encouraging and nearly inspiring.  It’s possibly what I’ve been missing from my previous resolutions.  No weight lost on day 1?  Sure I’ll have a cookie.  But the 3rd week of January is about to begin and I’m feeling like I can do these things.  And I’m down a couple of pounds which is always a nice push to keep doing the good stuff.  No cookies for me.  Well maybe on Saturday…
I hope you’re finding success with any resolutions or goals you may have set for yourself, whether you used New Years as the starting day or any other day.  If you have any tricks or ideas for keeping yourself accountable I’d love to hear them!

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